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Jai Herbert vs. Ludovit Klein at UFC 286

Jai Herbert vs. Ludovit Klein at UFC 286

The bout between Ludovit Klein and Jai Herbert was a closely contested lightweight scrap that saw both fighters have their moments. However, the fight turned on a pair of inadvertent low blows by Jai Herbert in the final round.

The first low blow came midway through the round and caused Klein to take a brief pause to recover. The second low blow, which occurred just moments later, was more severe and caused Klein to drop to the canvas in pain. The referee immediately intervened, deducting a point from Herbert for the foul.

Despite the setback, Herbert continued to press forward and tried to make up for the point deduction by increasing his output. However, Klein was able to weather the storm and landed some significant strikes of his own in the closing moments of the fight.

Everyone at Body Kitchen congratulates Jai on a great performance!