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How you Can Transform your Health and Fitness Journey with Ready Made Meals

How you Can Transform your Health and Fitness Journey with Ready Made Meals

If you are thinking about the reasons why you should jump into the world of healthy food delivery, meal prep delivery is the ideal starting point. The food choices we make can be at the bottom of our priority and to-do lists, and we have all been there. Eating healthy is vital for our health and well-being as well as improving our fitness. Our mantra “eat well, live well, be well” comes from our philosophy that eating healthy is vital to keeping our bodies and minds fit and strong.



Why Choose The Body Kitchen as a Healthy Option



Eating healthy at every meal means having an overall well balanced diet. This is essential to your long term fitness and health, and helps with mental wellbeing, brain function and concentration. These are all aspects we all need in our busy lives; to thrive and to be fit and healthy; both in the mind and body.


Eating the right nutrients supports our bodies and minds to being the best they can be. Eating a variety of foods from different food groups helps our bodies function day in day out. We tailor our meals so you can choose from a selection of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables meaning you get a delicious, convenient, healthy, nutritious meal; and delivered straight to your door.


Lets not forget weight management and how being healthy can play a key role in this. We are at our best when we understand what we are putting in our bodies and how it can help us. Our ready meals give you this; they give you portion control which plays a role in weight management.


Below are some of the reasons why you should venture into the world of The Body Kitchen and why our ready made; healthy meals and meal prep service is ideal to support you on your health and fitness journey.


Healthy Food Delivery


In our busy, daily lives, we are all striving for convenience and things being available immediately. Here at The Body Kitchen, we can provide you with a nutritionally balanced and healthy meal; delivered straight to your door. We will do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.


You will never have to set foot in a supermarket, do any preparation work and chopping or even cooking. Your focus can be on your fitness goals and ours on providing you with a balanced meal for pre or post workout. We have over 80 meals for you to choose from including BBQ chicken and halloumi salad. Recipes are clearly broken down showing the ingredients and nutritional value making it easy for you to choose.


Once you have chosen which meals and meal plans you want; our chef begins to create and cook the meals for you. Meals are always fresh and never frozen, and we can deliver twice a week to you, maintaining that freshness even more.


We can deliver your meals on a day chosen by you. We work very closely with the UK’s largest delivery companies to ensure your delivery arrives on time and in the best condition and on the day of your delivery, you will receive a text from us with your time slot.


Meal Prep Delivery


Meal preparation is the process of planning, preparing and cooking meals in advance. This of course has a number of benefits including healthy eating, portion control, cost effective and calorie control to name a few. We do also know that meal prep takes time and it’s not always suitable for busy people leading busy lives. However, we want to be fitter, stronger, healthier and we just don’t have the time to commit to our own meal preparation and everything that is involved.


This is where we can help. Would you rather; devote hours to planning, preparing, chopping and cooking a healthy meal; or let us do that for you and deliver it straight to your door? We can create portion controlled, nutritionally balanced meals that are full of macro nutrients as well as essential vitamins and minerals saving you time and energy.


Our trained chefs are always creating new recipes and preparing the best meals using 100% fresh ingredients. Our meals are designed by food nutritionists ensuring we capture all the nutritional values required to aid your fitness goals.


Want to Learn More about The Body Kitchen?


We are all busy and on the go more now than ever so why not let The Body Kitchen help you? We can do all the planning, preparation, and cooking for you; leaving you free from meal planning and ensuring that yourself and your family receive balanced, healthy, nutritious and exciting meals; without any hassle.


Should you have any queries, why not contact us directly on our website or by calling 0330 174 4236 or email us at We want to introduce you to the amazing ready meals we create and how you can benefit from them on your fitness journey.